2015: The year of the connected consumer

2015 is already shaping up to be a big year for consumers. Connected cars made significant advances in 2014 in terms of consumer awareness. According to a 2014 study by Telefonica “more than 70% of drivers surveyed said that they are interested in using, or are already using, connected car services … And half consider connected features, such as inbuilt connectivity and the ability to plug in a smartphone, a key part of their next car purchase. Features such as increased safety, early warning systems and smarter navigation are cited as the most popular, with almost three-quarters (73%) of drivers listing safety and diagnostics features as the most important.”

Not surprisingly, connected cars dominated the Consumer Telematics Show agenda and is also expected to steal the gadget spotlight at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show — with 2 of the 5 keynotes (Mercedes-Benz and Ford Motor Company) representing the automotive industry.

In addition, General Motors Co.’s OnStar program recently launched a partnership with Progressive insurance to “offer motorists a new service this summer that gives feedback on their driving skills and allows some to seek driving-based discounts.” After completing a 90 day driving assessment, consumers will be able to choose to share their data and evaluation with Progressive in exchange for discounts.

“We’re moving to a consumer-centric insurance model. Consumers want to protect their driving data and privacy, but 80% are willing to download telematics apps. Access to real time driving data will make the insurance transaction more seamless for both the insurer and the consumer,” says Steve McKay, DriveFactor CEO.

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